The purpose of this play is to make everyone understand that the most important asset that we have is time. There are powers of a satanic nature that wish to control all of our time and leave no time for the worship of God. This play is funny and powerful. It has six characters that have specific duties centered on controlling our use of time. It is a Christian based play where Satan is very dissatisfied with the poor job that his imps are doing in controlling man’s time. So he calls a master meeting to get man back into his control. His assertion is that man has too much time to read the Bible and that this has to be stopped, and it has to be stopped now. The audience loves this play from the beginning to the end. New research indicates that Satan is doing his job well, with an average of 55 hours weekly being consumed by television, texting, and computer usage. This play pulls the veil from Satan's cover so that his plot against man can be seen for what it is.

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