This is a Christian based play. It has eight characters that are very dynamic. They can range in age from 15 years to 45 years of age. We have performed it throughout Georgia and South Carolina. It has been performed in Atlanta, New York, New Orleans and Los Angeles. It has a powerful message and presentation that audiences thoroughly enjoy. The purpose of this play is to warn the youth about the destructive nature and negative influence of certain types of music. Written within their messages are both subtle and blatant communications. They are messages that say that it is okay to engage in certain negative behaviors. This is done with the knowledge that one thing leads to another. In this play the music leads to hanging with negative associates, drugs usage, and a path of immorality. This play will help our young people understand that their choice of music can have a deleterious effect on their moral character. This play sends a message to young people saying, “The choice is yours. You can play with the devil, but the devil does not play!” As the characters say throughout the play, “One thing leads to another, that’s the way it is brother!” BUY IT NOW!

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