Who's In Your Circles and Why?

What an amazing book! This book is empowering and liberating. You will not be able to put it down. How did I ever get along without it? It was wonderful to take this vicarious journey through THE LANDS OF CIRCLES. Take an enchanting voyage with Izzy and Lizzy as they make it easy to know who should be in and out of your circles. This book teaches you how to avoid the pitfalls of bad relationships before they begin. “Who’s In Your Circles and Why” tells you how to take your life back from others. You will be inspired to set boundaries, become stronger and less vulnerable, and you will set the tone, direction, and flow, altering forever how others view you. You will not have to demand respect, it will be given. This is a life-altering book that serves as a powerful means of liberation in your circles of relationships and communication.

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