Dr. J. Calvin Alberty, Affectionately called Dr. A by those who know and love him, is a Licensed Professional Counselor.  He has the following credentials: Nationally Certified Counselor; Master Addiction Counselor; and Clinically Certified Juvenile Treatment Speicalist. He holds a doctorate (Ed.D.) in Counseling Psychology as well as a Ph.D. in Nutrition from a holistic perspective.

  His newest book is entitled "That Tent on the Corner, Facing God's Truths." It has been written for a purspose and a time such as this. Journey with a family as they face an encounter with new truths from the Bible. Against the counsel of their pastor they begin a journey of exploration and discovery that leads them to examine the meaning of God's Word for themselves. What will they do with the newly revealed truths? How will they deal with their oppositional pastor and the myriad of challenges that they encounter? Read the book and ask yourself, what would you do.

  There is also the empowering and fun to read book, “Who’s In Your Circles and Why?”. This jewel encourages and teaches individuals how to take control of their relationships. This includes relationships of all kinds: professional, personal, social, romantic, etc.

  “Hanging With Fools Will Get You Hung” is another of Dr. A's witty and provocative books that empowers the readers to take control of their lives in a world where there are so many unstable people and elements vieing for control of them in every senseless way possible.

  Another recent book by Dr. A is, "God, and the Mind-Of-Man Connection, Food and the Fall: The Adam and Eve Syndrome." All I have to say is that you will never be the same after reading this book.

  Dr. A  is also an amazing poet that speaks directly to the heart, soul and mind of his readers. You can grasp his essence as you rexperience and engross yourself in his three books of poetry that are available on this site and on Amazon. Dr. Alberty's  writings will penetrate your soul and awaken within you a vigorous and robust declaration of “I can do this!” You will discover the unlimited powers that you have and how to use them in ways that will free your spirit.  Get to know this author, Dr. J. Calvin Alberty, through his intimate and soul stirring writings, and you will definitely gain a more expansive nd deeper understanding of yourself and the awesome power that resides within you.