That Tent on the Corner, Facing God's Truths


A family faces an encounter with new truths from the Bible. Against the counsel of their pastor they begin a journey of exploration that leads them to examine the meaning of God's word for themselves. Each new revelation challenges their faith. They must now make unpopular decisions with their present church and their unyielding pastor.

What will they do? Will they have the courage to follow their convictions as the word of God reveals new light to them, or like unthinking puppets, will they follow the long-held traditions of their past.


What will they do? What would you do if it were you? Follow them as they face the adversities and challenges on their ever arduous journey to be obedient to Christ.

God and the Mind of Man Connection


There is a hostile and intense battle raging for the mind of every man. You are being pursued by an unrelenting, wrathful, and deadly adversary. His single and solitary goal is the demise and destruction of everything and everyone that God loves. There is a GREAT CONTROVERSY that must be settled in the mind of all intelligent beings in the universe. Every man born during this age in which earth history closes, has come into existence for such a time as this.

Satan has concocted an effective and dastardly formula to hijack the minds of humanity. It is a formula that works every time against those who are not cognizant of his plans and methods. This book finally uncovers the enemy’s strategy.  It gives us all the ability to not only resist, but with God’s strength, we can defeat him.

If you do nothing about Satan’s efforts, you will be lost. The stream of sin flows so swiftly, that to do nothing means being carried downstream to eternal destruction. You must open your eyes, ears and mind right now! You must fight back right now. This book tells you how, RIGHT NOW!

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